Office of Finance and Business

The Office of Finance and Business facilitates the advancement of NC State’s strategic goals by maximizing the use of resources and developing a culture of efficiency and effectiveness. Read more about us.

Budget Update and Strategic Resource Management

The North Carolina General Assembly passed the 2013-15 biennium budget, of which NC State was allocated a $21.1 million reduction for fiscal year 2013-14. In the context of the last 10 years, NC State’s appropriated budget has been reduced by more than $275 million (recurring and one-time). While we look for ways to continually improve, there are no simple measures to absorb the recent round of cuts. The impacts of these reductions will be felt across campus. For more information about the current budget reduction, please see Budget Central.

A national leader in innovation, NC State has a powerful strategic plan that guides our decision making. We will be paying close attention to strategic resource management in the months to come and engaging campus in discussions about how we use our resources to support our strategic initiatives.

We look forward to maintaining momentum as we fulfill our strategic goals and objectives together.