NC State Hits Pay Dirt With New Mulch

A pilot project between NC State Grounds Management and the Horticulture Field Labs has resulted in the development of a new type of mulch blended from campus landscape debris and wood chips donated by a local tree company. This is the first year NC State has used the mulch blend, which is half the cost of mulch typically purchased from an outside vendor. In addition to cost savings, the mulch blend reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with long-distance delivery and has no chemical additives.

Winter Break Energy Savings Top $288,000

NC State University students, faculty and staff saved the university $288,590 in avoided energy costs during winter break. A campus-wide energy conservation program facilitated by NC State’s Energy Management Office, the Winter Holiday Energy Saving Initiative reduces energy use by lowering thermostat temperatures in unoccupied campus buildings and encouraging students, faculty and staff to turn off lights and office equipment, close doors and windows, and unplug all unnecessary electronics before leaving for winter break. These efforts generated $24,049 of savings per day during winter break for a total of nearly $2.5 million since the program launched in 2004. Read the Bulletin article. Discover more energy saving tips at